Q1. How to buy an E Gift Voucher (EGV)?

A. To buy an EGV select the denomination from drop down & enter the quantity of the EGV. Once done, click on proceed to pay. Enter the details in mandatory fields & click 'proceed for payment'. This will take you to payment page. Once you make an online payment and you receive the payment confirmation from your bank, we will trigger an SMS / Email to your mobile number / email id which you have provided at the time of the transaction and it will contain the e gift voucher redemption code.

Q2. Why are the mandatory details required?

A. Mandatory details are required in order to send you the EGV. Request you to share accurate information at the time of placing an order.

Q3. How can I use my E Gift Voucher?

A. Once the payment process is complete, you will receive EGV in SMS & Email ID provided by you. This will contain a ten digit EGV code and Barcode in Email. Once you reach checkout counter in the store for payment, share only the EGVs that you want to use at the counter.

Q4. Can I club 2 e gift vouchers on a single purchase?

A. Yes

Q5. Can I encash the unused balance on an e gift voucher?

A. Neither partial redemption, nor encashing of an e gift voucher is allowed.

Q6. Can I share the redemption code with others?

A. Unless you want it to be used by the other person, please do not share your EGV. Holder of the code is deemed to be the beneficiary.

Q7. What if my amount is deducted, but I do not receive the redemption code?

A. Kindly mail customerservice@futurebazaar.com with the transaction details

Q8. Incase my e gift voucher fails to function where do I get a resolution?

A. In an unfortunate and highly unlikely event of the e gift voucher failing, you may contact us via email on customerservice@futurebazaar.com